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Saeco Aroma 200 Professional Coffee Machine

Saeco - (Aroma 200) - Professional Coffee Machine

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4,600 JD
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3,910 JD
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Highly durable espresso and cappuccino maker. This machine is the perfect unit for your restaurant or coffee shop. Providing you with multiple settings that creates different kinds of coffee in a fast matter.

  • Electric cup warmer.
  • Anti-suck back device fitted in boiler.
  • Volumetric meter and cold nozzle to prevent formation of lime scale.
  • Balanced pump fitter inside the machine.
  • Filters for single or double brew coffee pods.
  • Framework in tropicalised steel, heat-resistant and rust-proof.
  • Ability to make up to 300 cups of coffee in every hour.
  • Steam production: 2.56 kg/h.
  • Power consumption: 2200-3200 Watt.
  • Weight: 48 kg.
  • Made in Italy 100%.
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