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Baren B555 Air Purifier

Baren - (B555) - Air Purifier

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250 JD
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200 JD
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  • Main Filtration Stages
  1. Hepa Filter: 99.97% efficiency in removing smoke smells, virus, bacteria, dust and mold. Using a new generation of composite materials, can effectively remove of particle.
  2. Activated Carbon Filter: Adopting the porous coconut made by modern biological carbonization synthesis technology, the adsorption area is bigger, It can effectively remove smoke and formaldehyde.
  3. UV lamp: Air is the main path leading to the spread of the virus, using UV air sterilization technology, the environment of natural bacteria killing rate can reach more than 96%.
  4. Anion: Negative ion is praised as Air Vitamin. People live in the high negative ionic environment, can promote human new and old superseded, improve immunity.
  • Main Features
  1. Auto mode.
  2. Touch control technology.
  3. Digital temperature display.
  4. Suitable for rooms up to 25 m2 and only 45W in energy consumption.
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